Metal lost in fermenter

My rubber stopper was stuck in glass carboy and tried to use a small jewelers screwdriver to help pry it out… Well, the tip broke off and both the metal tip and rubber stopper went in. Didn’t panic, put a new one one. After 1 week of primary I racked to secondary. Retrieved the stopper, but no signs of the screwdriver metal tip… You think it desolated? Is my 5 gallons goin down the drain?

Did you sift through the trub cake? I doubt it dissolved because there’s really nothing super acidic going on during fermentation that would dissolve metal. But even if it did, I seriously doubt you ruined your beer. Just name it “Heavy Metal Special Ale”


Only if you pour it there - but next time give it more than a week in the primary…I routinely just go a month.


[quote=“panduji68”]Just name it “Heavy Metal Special Ale”

:cheers: [/quote]

just do this and it will be fine

love the name idea “Heavy Metal” !! yep, I know I reacted too early, but only reason I racked it cuz I got worried about the metal… tried to stay cool about it, but first time for everything right? I did sift it through a fine screen funnel, though it was stuck in the side of the stopper, and nothing appeared, did not think it would dissolve, just wasn’t sure, and knowing me, it may have flown out in the garage when it broke and I just didn’t see it… thanks to all for the feed back, everything else went great. now I’m chilling out and waiting to taste a great new brew called “Heavy Metal”…