Messy racking

what happens if your siphon stops and you have to pour a small amount of the rest in your keg??
And a small amount of muddy stuff gets in your keg??

All those B vitamins from the yeast won’t hurt you…. Also, it will settle out once it gets cold and you will get a clearer brew, Sneezles61

It will be fine but here is what I do if the siphon stops. Note I do not have an auto siphon. Get a small container and put it next to the keg. Start the siphon by using tap water. If you use an auto siphon you may need another container of water to start it. Put your sanitized finger over the end and move the siphon to the fermenter. Begin siphoning from the fermenter into the empty container then after the water clears put your finger over the end again and switch it to the keg. Make sense?