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Mesquite Smoked Malt Question

There’s a local homebrew contest coming up in April that I’m entering. I want to enter a Mesquite Smoked Blonde Ale. I think it blow everyone away. I brewed a Mesquite Smoked Porter last fall that was really good, but it could have used a little less mesquite flavor. I smoked the entire 10 lb grist for 20 minutes.

Does anyone have any experience with smoking malt, specifically with mesquite wood? I was thinking of smoking only half the grist, or only the bass malt for no longer that 10 minutes. I’m looking for a nice, subtle background smoke flavor and aroma.

From my experience smoking, mesquite offers a heavier taste than other woods like oak, apple etc. If that’s what you’re shooting for then cool though.

I’ve never smoked malt with mesquite. Just Alder, which I think is a bit lighter than mesquite. Smoking 1/4 the base malt for a porter was plenty of smoke for me. I would think a Blonde would need even less smokiness. YMMV. Cheers!!!

How Long did you smoke your malt?

About an hour using 1.5 oz dry Alder per pound of base malt.

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