Mesh size recommendation for BIAB?

I’m looking to try some BIAB experiments. Is there a recommended mesh size? I look at this review ( … -a-376435/ ) and see it’s definitely not as fine as could be…

I went to the hardware store and bought a 5 gallon paint strainer bag. Cheap and works extremely well.

Finer is better, but honestly… mesh size really doesn’t matter all that much. If you get a little fine meshed colander you can always strain the bigger chunks out immediately prior to boil anyway if you want to.

I highly recommend voile fabric. Works amazingly well.

^ That. The paint strainer bags leave a little more trub in the BK, and ultimately in the fermentor. Voile will reduce some of this. Having said that, I’ve used both and have had crystal clear beers with both. Everything settles out in the fermentor.