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Merry Christmas to All

…and to all, a cold home brew!

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :cheers:

Mine is at 60F, a lovely oatmeal stout. Fire going in the fireplace, just finished grilling four filets, wifey has fried potatoes and mushrooms done. Yes it is a merry Xmas and getting merriere by the minute.

Put another filet on i’m coming over, that sounds good.

I’ll be chosing from a Number 8 or an old ale from 2009. Decisions, decisions. :cheers:

Roast chicken and red potatoes here. Went pretty well with my honeyweiss. After dinner a bourbon barrel belgian quad in front of the fire. The stockings are hung by the chimney with…

…>looks at feet<…

…I wondered where those went.


I definitely had plenty of homebrews. Merry Christmas to y’all. Beersk!!!

I have to work tomorrow, which sucks…I might be a little hung over…

Merry Christmas. Dinner here was mostly traditional Finnish: baked Joulukinku (Christmas Ham), salted salmon, home-baked rye bread, root-vegetable salad, green salad, rutabaga casserole, blueberry pie, warm dried-fruit soup. Also home-made sparkling mead, sea-buckthorn wheat beer, this year’s Xmas beer (basically an American wheat with coffee and chocolate) and Sahti.

Don’t choke guys, but my Saison went well with the cranberries!

Or Happy New Year!
I have been lurking for a bit since I wasn’t brewing during my jobless time. But I did make a second version of a Winter Warmer I made last year. It’s OK, I prefer last years version, this year I upped the caramel malts a tad too much so it’s a little sweeter than I wanted but it does have more warming than last year, so not all bad.

Anywho, I labeled some for gifts and they look great!

By the way I did get a new job in Nov. So I am back to brewing (as soon as I decide what to do next)

[quote=“ibeentired”]By the way I did get a new job in Nov. So I am back to brewing (as soon as I decide what to do next)
:cheers: [/quote]
Congrats on the new job! I was in the same situation this year. Seems weird to think that I didn’t have a job to go to but had even less time to brew than usual, but turns out job hunting is a more than full-time job :frowning:

Nice to be back to working and brewing again. :cheers:

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