Meridian Hops

So I ordered up a pound of meridians recently, and I can definitely say these are some highly fragrant hops out of the bag…quite oily pellets as well. With around 9% beta, I hope for a highly fragrant brew!
Brewed up a simple low gravity 3 gallon pale Friday to emphasize these for aroma / flavor.

While I haven’t tasted tested, I can say the airlock is burping up fragrant wafts of lime, pungent fruit and perhaps slight citrus notes!! The brew kettle smelled oddly similar to Northern Brewer’s Kiwi Express, which I’m bottling this week…maybe we’ve got a good local hop to compete with some of the new aroma varieties coming out of NZ and AUS.

3 Gallon batch:
93% Rahr 2-row
5% English Medium Crystal (50-60l)
2% Carapils

5g Bravo 60
14g Meridian 20
14g Meridian 15
14g Meridian 5
14g Meridian flameout w/ 20 minute whirlpool

I’ll post tasting notes in a couple weeks.

Beta doesn’t affect aroma. Un-oxidized beta acids aren’t soluble, and oxidized beta acids add bitterness (similar to alpha acids).

Sorry kind of a uneducated assumption on my part…I swear i read that on a brew wiki somewhere???