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Meridian hop pairing

So I ended up with a couple of ounces of Meridian I want to experiment with. I was originally going to do a pale, bittering with something neutral, then a late addition to see what this hop is all about. Doing a little reading, I saw this description:

“A brand new hop with crisp flavors of lemon, mixed berry, and tropical fruit. The really unique thing about this hop that commercial brewers are reporting, is that when used with other hops Meridian pushes and complements the flavor of those hops in unique and interesting ways.”

So maybe blending with something sounds interesting. My first thought was late flavor/aroma additions with CTZ… dank berry tropical thing? Anyone have any experience with blending Meridian?

No but I like those descriptors…you could pair it with some other tropical hops…galaxy or idaho7.

I’ve got some Rakau, but that’s new to me, too. I worry about not knowing what’s contributing what if I introduce too many variables.

English bitter. Late hop addition with bramling cross. Pride of ringwood yeast.

Oh, sorry… were we thinking IPA?

I do love a bitter… a yeast away from a pale, essentially. I could be down for that.

It’s really hard to beat that style. And all these east coast styles? The old school English recipes have been adding hops in imperial craptonnes for over a hundred years.

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