Melanoidin Malt

Yesterday I brewed a California Common and I was wondering if anyone has used melanoidin in their Cal Common?

I brewed a standard Anchor Steam clone, but with 1/2 lbs of melanoidin malt. Or roughly 4% of my grain bill.

I did not mean to do this as I was coming back from a long week of vacation and hit the local HB shop on the way back of a 2hr drive and thought I had the recipe committed to memory, but was wrong when I got home and noticed that I never added melanoidin to my Cal Common. My grains were crushed and mixed together so it was a little too late.

I hit my gravity targets and and everything else went fine. I am sure it will turn out ok, but from a categorizing standpoint, could this still be considered a Cal Common? Or just a grainy Alt beer?

I think it’s going to turn out great. No worries.

Thanks Dave!