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Melanoidin and Belgian Biscuit in Munich Helles?

Hi all,

I recently brewed a partial mash/extract Helles that I had modified from my original recipe with the help of suggestions from several people on the forum. It came out excellent, got great compliments, and was a VERY drinkable, crystal clear tasty beer… But lacked some of that biscuity, bready aroma you get from a Weihenstephaner Original that I was shooting for. It was perfect on maltiness and hop balance, and was just slightly darker than I was shooting for due to using liquid extract.

I am going to modify it again using Pilsner DME instead of Pilsner LME to get the color down just a few notches, with half added for the full boil, and the last half added at 15 minutes.

I am contemplating using small amounts of Belgian Biscuit and Melanoidin Malt to the partial mash to try to sneak out a little bready aroma and taste. Do you think this will help give me that bready, biscuity aroma I am looking for? The recipe is as follows:

5.5 gallon batch, full boil using RO water only
Extract: 6lbs Pilsner DME
Partial Mash Grains: 1lb Pilsner, 2.5oz Melanoidin, 2.5oz Belgian Biscuit

Does anyone have experience using small amounts of these two grains to get a slight biscuit bready toast aroma?

Thanks in advance!!!

Edit: Typo on my original post… is corrected to 2.5oz each of Melanoidin and Biscuit, not .25oz

Looks good to me in those small amounts. Nice idea.

Sorry, I had a typo. It was 2.5oz of each Melanoidin and Biscuit, not .25oz as I had originally posted.

Still good.

Okay thanks!

Going to brew it up tomorrow


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