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Megapot vs. Boilermaker

I’m currently doing 5 gallon partial boil extract kits in a 5 gallon stockpot. I’m looking to step up to full boils and partial mash, and eventually all grain. I figure getting a 10 gallon brew kettle is the best way to upgrade my equipment to suit all of those needs. I know keggles are an option, but I don’t have the equipment to make one and buying one pre-made isn’t much cheaper than a Megapot. My question is, are Blichmann Boilermakers worth $100 more than a Megapot?

It seems that the only differences would be the Blichmann has a sight glass and better ball valve than the Megapot. Otherwise there are no visible differences between the two. What do you all think?

Sight glasses are really not necessary and valves can be replaced.

I have a megapot, but mine is an update international (plain stock pot version) that I grabbed for 95 bucks or so. Excellent super heavy duty kettle with the tri clad bottom. I’d buy one again in a heartbeat. Sight glasses look cool and I bet they work well, but I don’t want anything else to clean. My .02

Do the Megapot kettles have graduated gallon marks?

No but what I do is take one of the plastic spoons NB sells and make gallon marks with a felt tip pen.

No but what I do is take one of the plastic spoons NB sells and make gallon marks with a felt tip pen.[/quote]


that’s exactly what i do… I have the 10 gallon megapot with ball valve and thermometer. honestly, i could have done without the thermometer. i know when it’s at a boil. if i was going to use it for a mash tun, then i could see the benefit. The only downside is when i do the occasional extract w/steeping grains, 2-3 gallons of water is way too shallow to get a good steep.

For a bit more than the megapot and a bit less than the boilermaker, you can pick up a keggle. I think has them in stock.

If you’re willing to work for it, you can find a keg on CL or ebay for either about 50 bucks or free if you barter. You can then find someone with a plasma cutting and stainless tig welding capabilities and for about 100 bucks rack rate they will weld couplers in for you. A trip to the hardware store or an order to NB later and you have a keggle, lid, ball valve and temp gauge. All for around $200. That’s 15.5 gallons of capacity.

I take that back, it would be cheaper than the megapot and you could have 2 for the price of a boilermaker.

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