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Megapot Leak!

So my wife got me a 10 gallon megapot with spigot and thermometer for christmas…but i cant get the damn thing to not leak at the spigot, i cant imagine what im doing wrong i even put some extra plumbers tape on the threads. The pot did come pre drilled is it possible they made the holes to big?? Anyone else have this problem and if so how did you fix it, im at a loss here. Thanks in advance

They work fine once you get em going. That said there are two things I could suggest. One is often folks will over tighten the bulkhead which actually does more harm than good as it “squashes” or causes out of round of the one or the other o ring. So it has to be good n snug and no farther, once you hit the sweet spot it’ll stay good for a long time. That said you may want to look at brazing/ welding the fitting on after a while I had a weldless for a while and finally found a silver brazing rod and got it done as I have a oxy/acetylene setup but no welding outfit.

The other thing that happens from time to time is they send out the longer nipple in the configuration. If I am thinking right you should have a 7/8" to an inch nipple not an inch and a half. Just saw a thread recently where a guy was just shipped one again. Ill see if I can find that recent thread.

Edit: here ya go:


I am not sure what comes with a Megapot, but the key in my experience to making leak free weldless bulkhead connections is to do the following:

  • 4 wraps of plumbing tape on the threads
  • insert fitting through the hole
  • Install the O-ring on the inside
  • Install nut and tighten down

You may have to add a shim washer on the outer side of the fitting if the nut tightens all the way and the fitting is still loose. Do not add an O-ring to the outside side of the fitting. The tape and O-ring on the inside should stop all fluid from getting through. An O-ring on the outside may work as a shim, but the fitting will always feel loose. If it is a valve, every time you turn it on or off it will feel like it is loose. I have read that this movement can cause a leak eventually.

Leaks can be frustrating. I seem to have terrible luck with compression fittings. However, you can get it to work. Be patient and persistent.

Good luck!

Success!!!..i got it to work no leaks and brewed the dark cherry stout from NB on sunday…thanks for you help it was driving me crazy, but now i love it.

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