Megapot Dip Tube Installations

I just received my new 15 gallon Megapot 1.2 and tried setting it up. I have tried a couple of times to insert the dip tube that came with my kettle but it will not slide into the bulkhead. I’ve made sure I’m inserting it into the side with o-rings, which I think is where the problem is, it’s getting stuck on the first one. How much pressure should I have to exert to get the dip tube in and any tips in getting past the o-ring without damaging it?

Thanks in advance!

Found the product page for the particular bulk head that ships with the Megapot. Other users had trouble as well and basically said they had to just force it in. I did eventually manage to, along with shredding some of the o-ring off. But it’s in now.

Was thinking a little lube to help out? Sneezles61