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Megapot 1.2 details?

Maybe I’m blind but I don’t see dimensions for the various pot sizes listed anywhere. Also curious as to what type of steel is used, and the wall/bottom thickness of each size of the pot.


Bottom thickness I believe is called out in the description (4mm?) Regardless, email customer service with your questions & I am sure they will get back to you.

Yeah I already bugged them a bit today :slight_smile: Was hoping somebody here might be using these pots and could provide some details/reviews.

[quote=“GM”]Not sure how you missed it, they’re right there in the product details at the middle of the page:

I wasn’t sure what was meant by 1.2 but apparently it’s a new kettle in their latest catalog. It isn’t linked on their website but there is a product page for it, no specs other than the 4mm clad bottom:

Nice looking pot.

So instead of bugging the seller, you want to bug the board? :roll:

It may be a patience thing, the guy is new lets cut em a break------. I agree that being these are newer to the market the NB guys/ gals will usually be of great assistance on product details firstly if you have missed something or don’t understand a product. You may just be looking to see what others think outside of your current research, but take it easy as all will usually be explained with due time if you ask the right people/ questions. Which NB’s people should be your goto as they know there stuff in the warehouse. Nighthawk and others are excellent peers and will help bring close to many questions.

In this case there is only two things to know.
#1 The pot has rivet handles, so it will not break welds if carrying full kettles etc…
#2 The size ratio is 1.2 which a newer brewer will not understand usually. What this ratio means is you get the best possible boil-off efficiency. IE: You will be able to rapidly boil but also not lose as much to evaporation as you would with a same/ similar volume kettle but with a wider aspect which will evap more is all.

As a secondary note the handles have stay cool stuff. Kinna nice but I use “ove-gloves” around hot kettles etc… anyway.
Also it has a thick aspect which is great and all, but many including myself have used thin walled stuff in the past and never had scorching issues. So all in all the kettles are very sound and the price on the simple kettles is not exorbitant. Stainless steel is the the type of metal BTW.

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