Megalodon Imperial Red Ale

Hello All.
I brewed a Megalodon Imperial Red Ale Extract kit a while back. I followed brewing instructions (2 weeks primary,2 weeks secondary, bottling. Tried one after 2 weeks in bottle, I have a very malt forward beer and a high gravity one but no carbonation.( I did use some US-05 yeast at bottling)…When I first pitched I used 2 Wyeast 1056 smack packs. Might I have to wait a bit longer for carbonation or should I start worrying? Tank :cheers:

Higher gravity beers often take longer to carb. Move them somewhere warm 70°+ and flip the bottles daily. Try one again in a week and I bet you’ll see a major improvement.

One week later and there is some slight carbonation. But wow this is rough around the edges… I realize big beers may take some aging so hopefully it gets better along the way. Either way its a learning experience… Tank :cheers:


I think this beer will benefit from some aging. I’ve done a barleywine that was rough at four weeks, sharp edges at four months, and after a year or so…GOOD!!! Big beers just need some time. I find this kit interesting, but I’ve got a couple of biggins I’m aging now so I won’t get to it for awhile. Post back in a few months and let us know how it’s coming along. Thanks tank.

I,m happy to say I finaly have carbonation in this beer and its starting to settle around the edges…I think it would help some if we were givin a heads up reminder in the kit instructions on the big beers. I didn’t know what to expect and wound up worrying over nothing…when I could have relaxed and had a homebreew lol …Tank… :cheers: