Mega Pot and Wort Chiller

I am about to order a 10 gallon Mega Pot with the ball valve and thermometer installed in it. In the future I will be investing in an immersion wort chiller and was wondering if I have to worry about the chiller breaking the thermometer or any damage that could be done to the wort chiller? Should I just opt out of the installed thermometer and stick with a thermometer that clips to the kettle? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Just get the one with the short probe and you won’t have any problem. I think NB has them if not Midwest does here is there link. ... hread.html

That is the brewmometer that comes in the Mega Pot from NB. I just wanted to make sure I wouldnt run into issues when using the two after spending so much money on each. Thanks.

Just to clear things up they make the probe in 2 different lengths 6 in and 3 in I don’t see where it says what size comes with the kettle unless I’m missing something. You want the 3 inch one as the 6 inch one may get in your way depending on the size of your IC chiller.

I have the 10 gallon Mega with thermometer (bought NB online). It’s not a problem to put a 50’ 3/8in immersion chiller in it. I suppose I’m mindful when i put in the chiller and guide it away from the probe, but I think the probe is pretty sturdy. I’ve never seen it as an issue.

I would ask you why the 10 gallon and not a 15 gallon? Just go with the 15… trust me. :cheers:

I have a 15 gallon pot that has a ball valve and thermometer port. I use the same pot to mash in and do the boils. The problem is the threaded port for the thermometer is too high. The grain bed for my mashes lie below the thermometer stem. So unless I have a grain bill that is using more than 10 pounds of grain the thermometer is useless when screwed in the pot. I have to dip it in the mash to get mash temperatures. I have two thermometers, one with a 6 inch probe and one with a 10 or 12 inch probe. The six inch thermometer does not interfere with the wort chiller. I use a 3/8 immersion chiller I bought when I started out brewing. It is too small for the job of cooling 6 gallons of wort now that I went all grain. I am planning on making my own out of ½ inch flex copper using hose connectors and making a larger diameter wrap which would interfere with the thermometer. Although I make only 5 gallon batches, IMHO I would not buy a pot smaller than 15 gallon. I boil about 8.75 gallons of wort and the 15 gallon leaves enough space during the hot break.