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Meed still working after two months

I started Meed Semi dry kit at Christmas time and it is still working.
Is it normal to still be working. I was expecting to bottle it in early March.
I dont think that would be a good idea with it still working. Whenshould it stop. THis is my first time.

Some take longer than others, and the variables include type of honey, the yeast strain used, and the OG. Besides, in my experience, I’ve found that a slow ferment makes for a much better end result anyway.

Hell…I’ve had meads that didn’t see bottling for a year or even considerably longer. I do that because I don’t like mead to be carbonated at all, so I always just sit tight until I’m sure ALL fermentation has stopped. I even rack the stuff two or three times in the process.

In any case, best to just leave it alone to do it’s thing…it will finish eventually.

I’ve had meads that keep slowly churning away for SIX MONTHS before they are finally done. Usually there is a reason for that, with not enough nutrients or too low a pH being the culprits. But you are better off just letting it take its time than trying to hurry it.

It can be slow if you did not do staggered nutrient feedings. Temp can also be a factor.

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