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Measuring Temperature of Grain

Hello I have a question about what is the best method to Measure the temperature of your grain’s I know this question might sound stupid but what I am talking about is when your using a mashing calculator like beersmith, Brew365,brewer friend ect. I see for those calculators they call for the temperature of your grain?.

I just stick my Thermapen or Dot probe into the grain. The grain is usually at room temperature unless I forgot to take it out of the frig the day before.

I use a stick thermometer and it’s usually a bit warmer than room temperature. I don’t refrigerate mine

At the start of my brew day, when I’m getting everything out, I’ll stick the thermometer in the bucket of grain. While heating the strike water I’ll read the temperature and plug that into the mash calculator. The only trick is to remember that you did that. I once spent at least 15 minutes looking for the stupid thing!

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