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Measuring PBW

All this time I’ve been thinking the PBW instructions for ounces per gallon were dry measure ounces. I’ve been leaving a dry measure cup in the PBW canister and just not thinking about it.

So today for the first time I questioned is it ounces by weight? As it turns out, and ounce of PBW by weight is roughly 2 ounces dry measure. So now I question if I’ve been over diluting?

damn you, English units!

So dry measure or weight?

P.S. What brought me to question this was wanting to try PBW at cleaning a 1-gal container I use for home-brewed Iced tea. It took a little light work with a brush but PBW did a better job with almost no effort than dish washing soap. Tea stains are a pain, but no more!

I use 2 Tbsp. per 5-7 gal. That’s a lot less than they recommend, but it works great.

+1 - that works out to ~1tsp per gallon, which works perfectly well for cleaning fermenters for me. I think the math works out to roughly 1 Tbsp/gallon per the manufacturer’s recommendations, but 1/3 that rate does quite well.

Nice. That will certainly stretch my supply. Thanks for the tips.

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