Mead starter

This will be my first mead and I wanted to do a starter. So, I got a stir plate, stir bar and a 2 liter flask. The mead has 15 lbs of orange blossom honey for 5 gallons. I have 2 packets of Lalvin 71B-1122. I was thinking about using just the one packet and making a starter with some store bought orange blossom honey but I don’t know how much to use and how big I should make the starter. I also wanted to know how much nutrient I should add to it as well.

You don’t need the starter with the 71B. You would use a starter with a liquid strain.

I prefer staggered nutrient feedings. This is my schedule.
4.5g Fermaid K & 4.5g DAP at pitching.
3.2g Fermaid K & 3.2g DAP at 24hrs after visual fermentation begins.
2.8g Fermaid K & 2.8g DAP at 48hrs after.
1.8g of Fermaid K & 1.8g DAP just before the midpoint of fermentation.

For the cost of the honey for the starter, you could buy a 3rd pack of yeast.

But like BB said, you don’t need a starter with dry yeast. 2 packs will be enough yeast.

71b is the yeast I use. People enjoy the final product.

BB’s advice on feeding the yeast is good advice also. For more info:

Thanks for all the input. I’ll be putting together the must sometime today.