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Mead served via corny

I have brewed a bucket of still mead each winter for the past few years, I live in the desert and temp control is easier in the winter. Since I’m a basic honey, water and yeastie beastie kind of a guy I’m happy with my result. The more I drink the happier I get, hell it worked for the gods. Anyway the question is, given the simple recipe I prefer, what will the result be if after fermentation is complete
I transfer the mead to a corny and add gas to serve.

Thanks, Avery

While my preference is towards a still mead. A simple sparkling mead takes on a champagne like character. Lightly carbonating works well for meads with other flavor components. You can also keep the pressure low to just serve.

+1 I have a mead in keg that’s been aged with sweet orange peel, coriander, and seeds of paradise. lightly carbed & quite tasty. low pushing pressure & you only notice a very slight carb bite, which is quite nice with the other flavors.

Thanks gents, that’s what I expected/hoped for. Didn’t want any nasty surprises (I’ve had a few since I’ve been brewing).

Cheers, Avery

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