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Mayhem ipa

So this was my first own creation thinking out of the box. Did my thirth. Og reading. It went from 1.067. To 1.010. Acourding calculation fg should be 1.010. Give it few more days. One more reading. And keg time. O yeah. Did taste. Nice full and bold taste. Next sample i did the pumpkin ale. This needs more time.


Plan to bottle my Pumpkin ale this week if the yeasties are done…October is gaining on us!!:scream:

Yes think two more weeks. Acourding calculation should be around 1.013. This morning. 1.020

Took fg reading. This morning. A week same fg. 1.010. Tonight after work time to keg the beer. Sample taste. Nice. Now wait week before drinking a pint of mayhem ipa today transfer to the keg

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