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Mayflower Beer Run (No Pumpkin Here)

In the spirit of the fall season I’d figure I’d share this:

OG: 1.068
FG: 1.018
IBU: 27

8 ½ pounds of pale malt
2 ¾ pound flaked corn (Not the cereal)
1 ½ pounds biscuit malt
1 pound special roasted malt
2 oz of Black Patent
4 oz lighter molasses at the end of the boil
1/2 oz. Whole Flower Kent Goldings, 5.0% AA after 30 minutes
3/4 oz. Whole Flower Kent Goldings, 5.0% AA after 45 minutes
1/2 oz. Whole Flower Kent Goldings, 5.0% AA after 60 minutes Boil: 90 minutes
English - White Labs 002 or Wyeast 1968 or White Labs 028 or Wyeast 1728

The process is rather simple. If you have brewed before, it is a piece of pumpkin pie. Prepare your grains and boil the water the day prior. Make some wings and get a good night sleep. 

1 quart per pound of 168-degree liquor will bring this up to 154 degrees. That means you will need 13 quarts added to your grains to bring this to strike temperature. Hold it at that temperature for 60 minutes. Add boiling liquor or turn on the burner. Do what you must to keep it there.
After conversion, raise the temperature to 167 degrees to stop enzyme activity. Do it quick because if you wait too long you beer will be cloudy, bitter and have no head retention. Lauter and sparge with 4 gallons of 170-degree liquor. This will give you about 6 gallons of wort.
You are going to boil this for 90 minutes. The extra time will allow flavors to blend and mellow. Add whole Flower Kent Goldings after 30 minutes. Then add whole Flower Kent Goldings for flavor after 45 minutes. After 15minutes remain, add the last of the hops and molasses. When 10 minutes remain add the Irish moss. Time’s up! Separate and sparge the hops and reduce the temperature to 65 degrees as quick as you can. Aerate the wort and pitch the yeast and ferment for 1 week. Rack to a secondary fermenter to age.
When aging is done, prime and bottle. You can prime with anything you like. Corn sugar is neutral, and at ¾ cup cheap, too. My tasting notes did not lead me to believe I should prime with molasses. Let it condition above 60 degrees until clear and carbonated. Don’t forget to save a portion for the next feast or religious function.

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