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Max amount of table sugar in a Belgian Tripel?

I just brewed a batch of Velvet Rooster - OG should have been 1.080 and mine came in at 1.070.

There is already 1 lb of sugar in there, and 1.1 more pound would boost my gravity to where it needs to be.

So what say ye? And would I have to boil the sugar in water first, or would I be safe to add it straight from a new sack?

The batch is keeping cool in the fermentation chamber while I finish brewing my other batch - Waldo Lake Amber. So, let me know if you can help with this one fairly soon! Thanks.

I may have answered my own question - the BJCP guidelines say “up to 20% white sugar” so I should be alright to go for it. I might boil it up in a bit of the starter wort that I collected. Advice is still welcomed, though!

You can add it straight to the fermenter without mixing with water or boiling - sugar is sanitary out of the bag.

I’d leave the beer as is, but only because I’m not that fond of big beers. Plus in spite of my efforts at temp control my last tripel came out kind of hot and it took a long time for that to age out.

Both pieces of good advice. Actually, I’m leaning toward leaving it as-is too. I’m also kind of a lightweight, and I’m not concerned if this comes out exactly like the commercial version.

I was pretty sure sugar was sanitary too, so thanks for reassuring me. But I think I’ll leave it.

My Waldo Lake Amber came in 10 points low too, so I think I’ll have to reassess my efficiency. :?

A long hot day to be standing over two burners in the closed garage, but totally worth it. Even with the difficulties, these look to be awesome batches! :smiley:

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