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Mashtun Internal Leak

Recently moved to Coloroado Springs from St Louis. Brewing outside, equipment stored outside in a waterproof shed. Noticed I was getting just a bit of wort colored liquid in Rubbermaid mashtun between brews. Replaced internal ORing and tightened but still some present - 10 mls? Some wort must be leaking while brewing in between inside and outside walls of cooler. Maybe need a specific ORing that is thicker. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Do you have two o-rings? One on either side of the cooler spigot opening? How is your cooler set up? Are those o-rings backed by a number of washers?

Fill the void with some food contact rated caulking? Allow to dry then tighten the item with the o-ring you have.

I do have two O rings - one on inside and one on outside. The one on outside is thicker. I’d like to get a thicker one for inside and try that but no success at Home Depot or Ace. Not sure of how thickness of O rings is specified for an online purchase. Food grade caulk seems like a good idea - do you know where I can get that? Thx.

Make sure you wrap all the threads with 3 wraps of plumbing tape.

Try McMaster-Carr for high-temp o-rings:

You’ll pay more, but you can get EXACTLY what you need (and 8 extras). Home Depot won’t have it, but if you have an independent “do it yourself” hardware store, they might…

Any “Kitchen and Bath” caulk should say something about being OK for food contact after drying.

get a aquarium grade silicone, its a better product. You can get it at any hardware store. BTW my brother lives in the springs, love that town!

Also, perhaps try an additional washer or two on either (or both) side(s)? That may allow you to achieve a better, tighter seal.

Move back to Missouri, coolers don’t leak here.

Or you can replace your cooler and store your weed in the old one.

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Good idea. I forgot about the aquarium silicone.

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