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Hi, a partner and I are doing a mashing competition. The objective of the competition is to have a higher OG than any other group. I’m looking for some ideas on how to achieve this? We weren’t really given any other specifics for the competition.


Crush your grain very fine.

That’s about it. Crush it as fine as you can, and add some rice hulls to allow it to lauter.

I’m assuming that you all start with the same weight of grain and need to end up with the same volume in the brew kettle pre-boil. Without those rules, the competition would be pretty much meaningless.

I can see a brew house efficiency contest, although maximum efficiency isn’t always the path to best beer.

If it’s just about the OG; mash in Karo instead of tap water :twisted:

Haha I don’t think caro is legal but I appreciate the idea. Yeah I’ve got a few basic strategies now without knowing more specifics of the competition. Thanks for the responses!

Do an overnight mash.

1.) Crush - Finer crush will yield more extract
2.) pH - Lower pH will yield more extract
3.) Increase the dough in qt/lb ratio - More water for starches to dissolve
4.) Sparge More/Mash Longer - Extract more starches and release more enzymes to convert those starches sugar

Each of these has limits and when taken to an extreme, can have drawbacks on the final beer, which I won’t explain here, but each is well worth looking into depending on the rules of the contest.

If you don’t have pH measuring capabilities, use 100% distilled water with 1/2 a teaspoon of CaCl in the mash. You should get an efficiency jump.

Why would that give you an “efficiency jump?” The fact is that it won’t.

Extract more starches and release more enzymes to convert those starches sugar.


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