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Mashing in at high temps

I have usually been a few degrees low on my mash temp. Is it ok to mash in with water that is 170 or higher? I dont want to extract any tannins and I figure it’s ok to mash in at 170-172 because as soon as it hits the grains it cools drastically. My last brew I mashed in at 169 and was still a bit low.

Make sure that you pre-heat your Mash tun so heat is not lost. I have had the same experience with strike water at 168 and my mash temp ended up being around 149-150 without pre-heating the mash-tun. I would not use strike water hotter than 170.

i use an insulated rectangular cooler and have to heat the strike water 17 degrees hotter than i need to come in at the correct temp

Ya so If I’m shooting for a mash temp of 153 and I go 17 degrees over thats 170. I dont want to mash in at 170 but I want 153 haha. I do pre-heat my MLT.

Give it a shot. I have done it once or twice and I never noticed any problems. For me I think I was at 173 but within a minute of doughing in the temp was down enough to not be an issue.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t have an effect or no tannins were extracted but I never noticed anything. I would rather not do it but I will if I need to…would rather save the extra propane.

When it gets really cold here I’m gonna try bringing my grains in the house the night before I brew so they are warmer than if they were out in the garage in 25 degree weather. Pretty sure that may help.


relax dont worry, have a homebrew. most homebrewers start out with water much hotter than our desired mash temperature. as long as the duration of the mash is at 150-154 i think you will be OK

I almost always mash in at 170F+. I try to overshoot the desired mash temp by a few degrees. Stirring the mash usually drops the temp a few anyway. I always have ice on hand JIC I really mess up. It’s easier to drop with ice than to raise with boiling water. Tannins are extracted from a high mash PH rather than high temp, so I’ve read. Cheers!!!

I use this strike water calculator at - <?=$pagetitle?>
, or use this formula:

[b]Strike Water Equation:
Strike Water Temperature TW = (.2/R)(T2 - T1) + T2

R = The ratio of water to grain in quarts per pound.
T1 = Temerature of grain.
T2 = The target temperature of the mash.
TW = The actual temperature of the infusion water.

I usually strike water to 16 degrees above my mash temp. Seems to always work for my system. I keep my grains at 60F. But everyone systems is slightly different.

Mash in with strike water at whatever temp it needs to be for achieving your desired mash temp.

If you’ve pre heated properly then you’ll be fine.
I have mashed at 160 three times, for specific reasons, using strike water at 180 without problems ie. my fermentation and FG were as predicted.

I mash in at 173-175 every time, no problems with tannins, the water instantly cools when it hits the grain. I don’t see any reason to pre-heat my mash tun.

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