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Mashing adjuncts?

I’ve got a recipe that calls for a few pounds of flaked maize and rice. I’ve never having used these ingredients, and embracing the ‘no dumb questions’ attitude, here goes.

Do I mill either of these, or add them to the grist after milling the barley? I’m planning to add rice hills to aid lautering.

How do I mash these? Do I need to gelatanize either before adding them to the mash? If so, please share best practices.

Other notes?

Thanks in advance

Just throw them in as they are. They have already been processed and are ready for brewing. You can use regular rice and corn but you have to cook it or gelatanize it first. If you mill them your mash will be even more like oatmeal.

Definitely use the rice hulls if you mill these items. I just toss them in, but when the corn gets mashed, it will gum up a bit, so the rice hulls are a must in my system. I have used rice syrup solids, but never rice, so I would follow the cooking route on rice. Still use the rice hulls for sure.

I’ve used 4lb (raw weight) of rice (20%) in a beer before with no issue draining.

Any flaked cereal has been gelantianized by the flaking rollers. So it just needs to be mashed with any base grain that will contribute DP to convert the cereals starch. I would recommend just tossing in the grist, no need to mill flaked cereal. Depending on usage amounts rice hulls are never bad insurance against stuck lauters either.

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