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Mashed in with a little too much water, aimed for 1.6 per pound for 12 pounds of grain, forgot that my grain bill was only 9 pounds! Boiled for 75 minutes and it is chilling right now.

What can I expect for the wort in relation to my OG? Dry stout, target OG 1.042

Did you not take a gravity reading? Did you adjust your sparge water volume to end up with the correct kettle volume?

No gravity reading yet, it is chilling in a “snow bath”.

Yes I did adjust sparge water when I realized that I got 4.5 gallons first runnings and was looking for 3.5.

As long as adjusted the volume, either through sparging less or boiling off more, you should end up close to the expected OG. You might have lost a few points with the reduced sparge volume.

Thanks shade, I had a pound of dme that I added just in case and went over just a bit, came in at 1.046 so should be good to go.

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