Mash tun?

Upgrading to brew stand and trying to decide which type of mash tun would be best. I currently have a 10 gal Gott and a 48 qt Coleman rectangular and a 15 1/2 gal keg that I could convert. I also have March pump, I brew 5 gal, however I just taught a friend to brew and we will brew a 10 gal batch occasionally. The stand will be wood(I am a cabinetmaker) and 2 levels with the center being about half a keg lower. Any ideas?

Use the 12gal cooler for the tun and the keg for s brew pot. Then you can do 10 gallon boils. You actually can use the keg as a tun also.

I was considering a wooden brew stand too. Post pics when you’re done please.

I have a gott water cooler and have done 3- 10 gallon batches in it. Two of them got stuck…. I have converted a keg that lays on its side as my mash/lauter tun. I haven’t done a 10 gallon batch yet, but after a few brews I have found it works well. I know the gott cooler holds the temp better so efficiency is better, but I have to add a pump and heat exchanger for a herms/rims then expect my efficiency to get back up… I also fly sparge and think if I batch sparge the cooler should have work fine…. Sneezles61

I have 3 rectangular coolers I’ve converted…a 48 qt., a 70 qt. and a 152 qt. I use braids in all of them and in over 480 batches have never had a stuck runoff. My average efficiency is around 83-85%.

go with denny’s braid, I use 48 and 70 qt coolers and have no problems with stuck sparges with over 100 batches.

Keggle for HLT/MT/BK BIAB. Boil sparge water in keggle and hold in the cooler. Heat up strike water and mash in the keggle, pull the bag and suspend over the keggle sparging to get your preboil volume, then boil and pump through a plate chiller to fermenter.

I don’t have anything to add to the above comments, except that you do not need to be worried about a stuck sparge in a beverage cooler. I’ve done 79 batches without any problems.

[quote=“twotacotuesday”]I was considering a wooden brew stand too. Post pics when you’re done please.[/quote]Here is a picture of the one I built ten or eleven years ago. I’ve made a couploe of changes over the years, such as adding wheels and the burner for the BK now an integral part of the brewstand. In all those years it is still rock solid and doesn’t wobble at all.

I love that design. That’s great thanks.

Here are a couple of threads I found by googling “plans brew cart”:


but even this simple setup (just a table?) seems to work!