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Mash tun upgrade

So i had a terrible time with my mash tun getting clogged last week and ended up wasting 2 hours trying to get a decent wort and have decided my frankenstein homemade tun need an upgrade. so i’m going ot start off with only a 5 gallon cooler but i’m not sure what all i’m going to need. i found this … llons.html all grain system sparge tank and would like some advice on what all i need. i’m not full grain quite yet but plan on going there in the next year and would like to plan for that as well. thanks for the help!!

i also have a keggle thats empty and could use some advice with making a hot liquor tank or a kettle. thanks again!

Before you take the plunge, check out .

I reccomend one of the larger rectangle coolers like on denny’s site. These will allow you to do some big beers if you want to.

Denny’s DIY mash tun worked quite well for me this past weekend (first AG)!

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I have an issue with my Dennybrew mash tun. I think it must have warped a little. It’s always kept inside but i think the heat really messed it up. The spot where you can open the lid on the front I now have a 1/4" gap or so. I noticed this last time I brewed and i had larger heat loss than expected even though I covered with a blanket. Is there something I can do to seal that up better or should I just get a better mash tun? I’ve had this for 5-6 years now. I did go with blue…

You can buy some stick on foam door insulation from your local hardware store and line the rim and lid of the cooler. Mine warped just like yours because I had it sitting too close to the burner for the hot liquor tank. The insulation worked well to get the lid to seal for me.

Silver reflects the heat better…


no wonder it warped should have used red or white. :stuck_out_tongue:

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