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Mash Tun Size - 15gal batches

Hi All,

Right now I’m using a 70qt Colmen Extreme for my mashtun which has been great for 10g batches around 1.060 but I’m looking to upgrade since I’m now planning to brew 15g batches. Does anyone have a suggestion on a good cooler to buy for batch sparging 15g batches averaging 1.060?

Side note, I’m thinking I will be tight but can I run a 12g batch of the Plinian Legacy in my 70qt? It’s about 30.5lbs of grain and I figured 10.25g of mash water.

Thanks All!

I use this 120 quart from Sams Club. It holds up to 75 pound grain bills comfortably. I also keep my 48 and 60 quart around for smaller gravity beers.

Thanks MB. That’s pretty big, do you think I can get buy with a 100qt?

[quote=“hoppyguy”]Thanks MB. That’s pretty big, do you think I can get by with a 100qt?[/quote]For 15 gallons, yes for sure. You should be able to make some pretty big beers in a 100qt but not be so big that grain bills for 1.060 beers don’t fill it.

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