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Mash-tun deadspace?

Hello I just fill my 10gal igloo cooler with 2gal of water an open my ballvalve to drain an i measure what was left an it was 11cups or 0.668gal. I think that the mash-tun dead space but so i guresing i take the 0.668gal an add that to my water i going to be mashing with meaning 10lbs grain * 1.25qt=12.5/4=3.12gal now would I add the 0.668gal to the 3.12gal to get the total of mash in water

Explain deathspace. In the mashtun. I dont understand

Why don’t you just pick the cooler up and dump that wort into your pot?

Dead space is the volume left in the mash tun that will not drain out. Lost wort volume and sugars that needs to be made up by adding extra volume and grains to match the recipe volume and OG. Not lost if you can pick up the mash tun up and pour it out.

Tipping it up usually gets most of it out. Don’t get stuck on exactly 1.25 qts water in the mash. Close does count. When sparging you will get out what you need for total wort volume.

Its part of the process. You can’t git every last bit of sugar or wort. You need to plan yer brew accordingly. You can think this to death and never git a clear answer. I’ll bet, even in the very tech books about brewing science, there will be some language that states just this, account for loss. Sneezles61

If you pick up or tip the MT you’ll disturb the grain bed, which will result in grain being drained off. You would need to vorlauf again every time you cud this.

11 cups is 2 3/4 qts. I would add that to my brewing water before I started tipping the MT and trying to vorlauf back to clean wort

Not if you line your tun with a brew bag. And even if you don’t I never had that happen after the grain is set. I used a tube not a false bottom so that may make a difference.

I read on another thread he is using a false bottom.

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The dead space is CONSIDERED the loss and should be made up for when you calculate the total water needed. HOWEVER, it’s not really a loss if you just tip your mash tun at the end to get the remaining “Deadspace” water out. That calculation is there assuming that you are actually considering it a loss and you do not remove it by other means.

The way I do it is tip the dead space water (Now wort) out. Also if you just added more water to your total water needed to make up for the dead space loss, your initial calculations will show a little bit lower gravity due to the dilution of extra water. But then again there’s simple ways to adjust for that as well, one of which being boiling for a little longer… but then you may sacrifice post boil volume.

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