Mash temp dropt-

While I was doing my latest brew, a partial mash, I placed the mesh bag of grains in at 158*, and after an hour (maybe a few min longer) it was at 152*. What will this cause? Better efficiency, worse, Extract tanins, etc… FWIW, I used my brew kettle (SS) and placed it the oven at 155 (lowest it will go) and kept the oven on for 45min. I was worried about it being too hot, so I shut it down for the last 20 min or so. It’s JP’s elevenses from our host.

Thanks in advance for your advice and replies. :cheers:

I’ve never done a partial mash but I would imagine the basics are the same. Lower mash temps will give you a thinner body and higher alcohol content. Higher mash temps do the opposite. 158 seems pretty high. Most mash temps range from 148-155. If it is different with partial mashing I’m sure someone will correct me.

I took a look at the recipe for this and it is shooting for a 154 mash temp. At 152 you are close enough. I have found that if you check three different spots in your mash tun you might get three different temps. If they are in the ball park, it usually turns out fine. Stirring then taking another reading helps get a more accurate reading sometimes BTW.

Anything in the high 140s to almost low 160s will turn out beer. If I’m off a couple of degrees, I don’t much worry about it.

You are correct. The grain part still needs to be converted so the temps should be in the same range as your all grain mash.

I doubt there will be a perceivable difference. As HD alludes, mashing is much more forgiving than it appears. :cheers:

THIS^^^^. You’ll never notice the difference.

Thanks for the re-assurance all!!! I feel like an all-grain batch might be just around the corner for me. I’ve got a couple of extract kits to brew this weekend, then (if I can convince SWMBO that is worth the investment) I’d like to switch to grain.

BTW,…It’s thumping away in the fermenter at about 63*. Going on fourth day of good activity, so I knew it’d be beer, just wanted to know if I’d caused any off flavors due to the temps. Let her set for another 3 weeks or so, bottle condition, and I’ll report back.

Thanks again!! Namaste!! :cheers: