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Mash pH

Hi all. I just started checking my mash pH. The last two brews have been fairly consistent about 5.9, obviously a little high. What can I do to bring it down a bit? Thanks!

lactic acid or acid malt will bring down your mash ph.

Cool… But how much?

The amount will be dependent on the water and the grist. Whether you use salts or acid, or a combo, is a function of the beer you are making, particularly the malt:hop balance. You can also use grain to control the pH - acid malt works similar to a direct acid addition and roasted/dark malts lower the pH.

I would suggest reading this section:

First, find and understand your water profile. Then, depending on the type of beer being brewed, make the necessary adjustments to your water to create the conditions in the mash for the pH to reach the proper range. If the mash pH is too high it generally indicates the water being used has too much alkalinity for the grist bill. Simply adding acid to reduce the mash pH does not address or solve the underlying problem. :cheers:

If you are going to use Lactic Acid add in small amounts like .5mL at a time. It is powerful stuff, and if you are not careful will swing the PH to low.

[quote=“Beerginer”]If you are going to use Lactic Acid add in small amounts like .5mL at a time.[/quote] Or use Bru’nwater to calculate the amount you need.

"Re: Mash pH
I would suggest reading this section:"


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