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Mash-out an BIAB method?

How many of you guy’s that brew beer using the BIAB method do mash-out’s ??

Pull the basket and as the temp rises I pump it through the grist… I do a pH correction and don’t worry about tannins and cloudy-ness. Sneezles61

no mash out here

Well I start boiling the wort as soon as I pull the bag so that stops the enzyme action in the wort then I drop the bag in a bucket of 180 sparge water so that stops that. The other reason I think is to make the mash more fluid wich is not a BIAB concern. Some do a little pour over but a real mash out I don’t believe is needed

I lift the bag a little and fire up the burner. Then I give a quick stir under the bag, lift it, let it hang and squeeze. I’m just trying to speed up time to boil.

I think mashing out helps in rinsing sugars with a traditional water to grist ratio. Also BIAB your not sparging for 45 mins or so like a fly sparge so I’ve never found the need to “lock” in the fermentability of the wort. Some BIABers mash with less water and make up the rest of the pre boil volume when they rinse grains with higher temp water.

I do my mash with the full volume… I don’t worry about stopping the enzymatic action in the wort… My “mash out” is just to extract as much sugar as I can… As I formulate my grain bill, I take into consideration, what my final volume will be… That also means what is not going into the keg… Trub, is the biggest waster of wort/beer. I want a full 10 gallons, I make 11 into the fermenter. Sneezles61

I do a modified BIAB, with sparge. I pull the bag, fire up the burner, drop in any FWH then I pump 190/200ish F water from my HLT over the grain bed suspended over the MT/BK until I get my preboil volume. So quasi mashout I suppose… Everything, mash and HLT water, is pH corrected.

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