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Mash-lautering-sparge... i'm sooo confused

I’m getting the terms mixed up- and it’s no help that different sources call these stages by different names. Can someone direct me to the official Bible for these brew stages? I am especially confused over the term mash rest.

Thanks for your assistance.

Currently have a gallon of Moose Slobber in bottles and Radical Red in the secondary. I have a feeling this is going to be a great hobby!


Check out Denny’s site for all grain brewing:

Mash - (Malted/Flaked/Torrified/etc…) Grains mixed with water.

Mash Rest - The act of holding the mash at a constant temperature (usually between 147 and 158) for a certain period of time. (Enables the enzymes in the grain to break down the starches into sugars. There can be multiple rests at different temperatures. Each temperature affects different aspects of the mash acid/protein/beta/alpha rests).

Lauter - The act of draining the sugary water (wort) from the mash also the act of rinsing the sugars from the mash using a sparging technique.

Sparge - The act of adding water to the mash, in various fashion, in preparation to Lauter the mash. (Fly-Sparge, Batch-Sparge, No-Sparge).

Wort - Water laden with sugars extracted from malted grain.

Vorlauf - The act of draining and recycling the wort from the mash tun in order to set the grain bed such that the grain bed acts as a filter during lautering.

Dough-In - The initial act of making the mash by mixing water and grain in the mash tun.

Extraction/Extracting - The measure or act of enzymes converting starches into sugars. The potential as measured by the maximum sugar extracted.

**** - Lauter and Sparge are largely used synonymously.

This is a good (Free) resource:

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Thanks so much… these are great resources!

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