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Mash in volume

Ok. Finally cold enough to start brewing. Been a while so I have have a dumb question. I am doughing in with 17lbs of grain. Does 6.25 gallons sound right for the mash? And I batch sparge in a cooler. How much for the sparge?

I assume you are brewing an IPA since I calculate your SG at 1.094. With that ratio you are doughing in with a little over a 1.4 ratio and that’s fine. As far as how much more water you will need I would guess at least another 5 gallons you don’t say but I’m guessing that you are doing a 10 gallon batch in a 15 gallon boil kettle.

It depends on some things but to get you close, 6.5gal. mash water should get you 3gal. runoff.
So if you want 6gal. pre-boil you would need 3gal. sparge water.

The best thing to do is measure your runoff so you know how much rinse water to use. ... tware.html

Mashwater 3.3 is a nice stand alone water calculating program.

Thanks. I mashed with 6.5 gallons and got about 3.5 gallons if runoff. Spathes with 3 gallons and wound up with 6 gal in the kettle. Thanks for the help.

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