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Mash extraction efficiency

Overshot my target OG today.
No big, I miss my targets now and then. Most of the time I don’t care.
My calculated mash efficiency was absurdly high, so I must have made a mistake measuring.

Makes me wonder, how high a % mash efficiency (targeting the fermenter) do forum members think a homebrewer can reasonably attain ?

90%+ is common with a fine crush and BIAB.

What level is your crush at or has it changed?

I crush 'til I cringe.

85-90% is the predicted batch sparge mash efficiency, with near complete conversion and low dead volume, for an average gravity beer.

BIAB, fine crush, average grain bill… I’m around 80-85%.

To the OP, please bear in mind that ultra-high efficiency is not necessarily a good thing. This thread is related to your question and has some good info: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=121820

IMO homebrewers should be very happy with mash [+ sparge] efficiency of 75-80%–or achieving something close to that on a consistent basis.

Not concerned about my efficiency.
Simply curious about limits.

I’ve wondered the same thing, so I decided to find out. Fine crush, super low gravity, and a continuous sparge stopped extracting sugar at 97%, but don’t expect to hit numbers like that on brew day unless you like 3.2% abv.

I’m not sure what would qualify as ultra-high efficiency, but efficiency in the high 80s should just come as a result of good conversion and normal lautering. High efficiency achieved thorough oversparging is not going to produce good beer, but mediocre efficiency achieved by oversparging after poor conversion is going to cause the same problems.

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