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Marula fruit

I would like to try brew a marula beer. But finding a marula fruits is kind of hard. And also if I do find some is there any recipes ? TY for any answers.

Went on a search. Could not find. On google. Just create your own recipy. Actually i never did hear about this kind of fruit

I never heard of marula before today either. Wikipedia says they’re “succulent and tart.” Not much to go on, but that says maybe go with a sour. It also mentions tons of vitamin C, so maybe even something like a Shock Top could work.

Where do live that you can get Marula? I can say as there’s an African produce section in any grocery store I frequent.

Most of those “exotic” fruits would be very expensive to use in brewing unless you have a good source. We tried Dragon fruit (pitaya) for the first time a while back and it is very sweet and tasty. The price would make it not practical in brewing since the flavor is light IMHO so it would take a lot of it.

If you do try it, please share the recipe and outcome with us.

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