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Marris Otter Recipe Question

Have a lot of MO I need to use up and thinking about using it instead of Belgian Pale Malt in a Dubbel. Dubbel recipe has .75 lb of Special B, 1 lb of wheat, and .75 lb of D2 candi syrup. I am thinking with this much caramel flavor anyway, it will mask the nuttiness of the MO-maybe even be a nice complement. Anyone subbed MO like this? I have a little Pils but wanting to save it for later since I have to mail order my grains.

Just do it…it’ll probably be great.
Maris does have it’s own particular profile, but regardless, I’ve subbed out various other malts with it and have never been disappointed with the result.
You won’t know until you try.

I think it will make a nice dubbel.

+1 to using it for a dubbel, I bet you will be able to taste it.

I use MO for my bitters and love it, but I tried it in my APAs and am not as fond of it there. Seemed like it was a little too malty for a beer that is supposed to be hoppy. I think if I were brewing an IPA it would be OK.

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