Mark II Keg & Carboy Washer

The owner’s manual gave no information on these questions and was hoping one of you may know the answers.

  1. How much PBW cleaner do you put in the Mark 2 for doing a carboy & a brew bucket.

  2. How long should it run. Do you need to run clean water after running the PBW if so how long?

  3. Same two questions for running it with Star San



Mix both for the recommended concentration of their product.

I would not run the StarSan through the Mark II. You will have one big pile of foam in a short time.

This stuff will work for sanitizing.

Remember you will need to use twice as much as compared to Star San.

For the running time of the washer, depends. Run it for 5 minutes and see if there is any stains inside.

For sanitizing, I put .5-1 gallon of StarSan in the keg. Roll the solution around. Then jumper in it into the next keg. Or push it into a jug for storage.