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Mark II Carboy and Corny Keg Washer

I just tried my new Mark’s keg/carboy washer out today, working through nine carboys in various stages of dirty; most of them rinsed and sanitized, but never washed with detergent. For the price point (currently some deals out there for around $100), this is is a completely adequate piece of equipment IMHO, in fact pretty GREAT, at least for carboys. I’m going to run a couple cornies through it tonight and see how that goes.

I did see one thread on another site where a couple guys called it too flimsy, and for sure you do have to use some finesse working with it, but again, what do you want for $100!?!?!

I wasn’t sure on how hot of water to run through it, and emailed Mark asking if water added at 150F was ok. Here’s his response:

"150 should be fine
there is a “thermal protection” in the coils which are set in the epoxy
it is meant to keep the coils from getting so hot as to melt the coating on the wires
not sure how hot that is.

It is originally marketed as a fountain pump, and it uses the water to cool the pump

I dont see it being a problem since it wont be running day and night."

Anyway, my carboys came out squeaky clean and crystal clear, running through for about 20 minutes each, 3 carboys per batch of hot solution, with a 70/30 mixture of Oxi Free / Red Devil TSP-PF (sodium metasilicate) added at 1.5 oz/gallon of water, which homemade PBW I also used for the first time today and found works excellently.

I actually like the smaller footprint compared to the Mark I, and the cheaper cost is nice.

I’m going to enjoy my Mark II!!

Link ?

oh yeah: Also carried by various homebrew suppliers if you google Mark's Keg Washer.
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