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Maris Otter & lovibond?

I started a brew this morning with ten pounds of Marris Otter I bought from the LHBS. Well, I didn’t notice until after I crushed the grain that the bag it came in said (lovibond 1.6). I can’t remember ever buying Marris Otter under a lovibond of 3. Could this be a typo? The brand is Muntons if that makes a difference.

Must be a typo, I have never seen any Marris Otter Malt, or ‘Pale Ale’ malt for that matter that low.

What else was in the recipe, if it was a single malt recipe, you could probably tell by the color of the resulting wort or the final product.

I went ahead and assumed the 1.6 lovibond was correct, and I substituted 3 pounds of Dark Munich for the Marris Otter. This started out to be a english brown ale, but now I’m just hoping I didn’t over do the dark munich.

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