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Maris Otter extract to grain conversion

Greetings all.

I want to convert an extract recipe to grain.
How much Maris Otter grain equals a pound of Maris Otter extract?


The easy way to convert a recipe is to enter the extract version into a calculator. Note the OG.

Then remove the extract and add your base grain, with your efficiency selected. Make adjustments until the OG matches that of the Extract version.

My calculator doesn’t have MO extract. Going on a Amber LME at 1lb/g = 1.034 , 1.5lb of MO will yeild 1.038 @ 70% efficiency.

It depends on efficiency. At 75% efficiency (3/4), you will need to flip the fraction to determine how much grain to use for an equivelent amount of extract, so that’s 4/3, or an extra 33%. So in other words, 1 lb liquid extract = approximately 1.33 lb grain.

If your efficiency is only 67% (2/3), then you need 3/2 as much, which is an extra 50%, which would be 1.5 lb grain to equal a pound of extract.

Pretty easy math… IF you are good at math.

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