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Marcus and Michelle Glover with Brewers Equipment are scam a

Hello ladies and gents. Just wanted to give you a heads up as to my dealings with Marcus Glover and Michelle Glover with Brewers Equipment found here They are total scam artists and you should not have any type of business dealings with them at all. I first contacted Marcus through in April of 2011 to buy a stainless stand from him and have my kettles shipped to him from Stouts Tank and Kettles and he was going to do the plumbing and wiring and whole 9 yards. Well fast forward a year and a multitude of headaches and I was able to get my kettles from him but no stand or wiring or plumbing just in the hole ~ $3800. Honestly I am just writing this post to protect other honest hard working people and their money as I have nothing to gain from this post. I have nothing to brew on so I have lots of time to let people know about him. Please feel free to PM me or reply to this post and I will be happy to call you or send you the whole chain of email of our business relationship. I am currently pursing legal action against him as he agreed to refund my money but still has not done so.

Sorry for the rant, just trying to protect the innocent.


:shock: I look forward to seeing this case on People’s Court.
Seriously, if you go on one of the small claims judges shows and win the show pays the judgement and you don’t have to chase the guy all over hell and back trying to collect.

Looks like you are not the first: ... nd-272967/
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