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March Pump issues


I am making 5 gallon brews with a 15 gallon Blichmann Boilmaker w/o the hop blocker going to a March 809-HS pump (pre boil volume is 6.85 gal.) I pump thru a Blichmann Therminator, back to the boil kettle to a bulkhead w/valve for the whirlpool.

I’m using 1/2" ID Thermoplastic tubing.

The pump is 3’ from the kettle and 12" below the kettle outlet. The distance from the pump to the chiller is 12’ and at the same elevation. The distance from the chiller to the whirlpool port on the kettle is 5’ and 18" above the chiller (whirlpool port is 6" above the outlet on the kettle)

The problem is the whirlpool is very slow, not what I would expect. Is this slowness due to the distance the wort has to be pumped back to the kettle?

Don C.

I expect that the total dynamic head of the system is somewhat high due to the lengths of tubing in the circuit. In addition, the potential for cavitation due to high wort temperature will also reduce system efficiency and flow rate. Possibly you could create a shorter wort circuit for the whirlpooling phase? Another thing that will help is changing the impeller to the 815 model. It is a drop-in replacement.

+1 to upgrade the impeller… I will order it now…


Be forewarned… I have a similar setup (not sure of the lengths) and don’t get a real strong whirlpool. Not saying the upgrade with reduced lenghts won’t help, but I had a brewer that I trust greatly (has brewed for years and commercially) tell me not to expect a real strong whirlpool with these pumps.

I agree with that. The total dynamic head of this pump with either impeller is very modest. You would have to get a much stronger pump to produce a really good whirlpool.

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