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March or Little Giant pump?

So i am beginning to design my electric HERMS system and wondering if anyone has ideas Comparing the little giant 3-md-hc 1/12hp 750GPH pump vs the 809 H315 HF march pump from morebeer.

I have a Little Giant pump it’s a lot quieter than my friends March pump. I think it’s because the LG pumps use ball bearings in the motor whereas the March pump has bronze bushings. That said, I don’t think you will go wrong with either one.

Do you have the same model? The HP seems a little too high. I have the March 809 and need to valve it down to about 50% open to prevent a stuck mash.

I have the model 2-MD-SC

, it is 1/25 HP. It’s only rated for 150° however the head and impeller are glass-filled polypropylene, which can easily handle 200° temperatures. I suspect that the rating is for continuous use, mine only see temperatures above the rating for 10 minutes or so while whirl pooling.

They do make a 2-MD-HC

that’s 1/30 HP and rated up to 200°. I was going to get that one but scored the 2-MD-SC on Ebay for $25, new in the box. I figured if it didn’t work out, I wasn’t out much.

You might consider asking Walter about the March pump that best fits your situation. He participates in one of the other brewing forums and is very helpful. Doesn’t mean you have to buy the March but it’ll steer you to the right pump.
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