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Maple syrup in brown ale

I know the syrups sweetness will ferment out, however is there any specialty grains that could be used to impart a bit of sweetness to the maple flavor left?

I recommend 3/4 to 1 lb lactose or maltodextrin per 5 gallons beer. These are flavorless sugars that are not fermentable so they’ll help offset the 100% fermentable maple syrup.


I would use a small amount of crystal 80 or 100 for some carmelized sugar character. Maybe 4-5% of the grain bill. Vienna, MO, or munich as the base malt (90-94%). Vienna would be my choice. And then 2-3% carapils or carafoam.

.5-1lb of GRADE B real maple syrup per 5 gallons. Its kind of ‘dirtier’ and has more of the maple thing happening.

I agree with the Grade B comment. You won’t get much flavor at all out of the typical Grade A stuff. Grade B is much harder to find. When I’ve seen Grade B, it comes in small opaque off-white color jugs from one of those woodsy specialty shops, or better yet, directly from a syrup maker.

I would say if you have a decent up/mid-scale grocer by you, you can get it. I found it at Harris Teeter the one time I used it, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at Wegmans and Whole Foods.

But yes, maple farm would be the best :cheers:

Just thought to throw this in, Whole Foods is where I have bought a spice called Fenugreek, which has a very mapely flavor to it. In Randy Moshers book “Radical Brewing” he says this is the spice that pancake syrup is made from. I have used it in brewing and cooking. I just grind it up in a coffee grinder. Maybe a cheaper alternative to the syrup, and do the sweetness like Dave and Pietro have suggested. A teaspoon or 2 might get you there.

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