Maple sap brew

I tried a maple sap brew last year but messed it up by putting too much chocolate malt in it. This year I’m trying again, doing a lite lager with the following recipe:
5 lbs 4 oz 2-row
3 lbs flaked maize
8 oz cara pils/dex
1/2 oz hallertauer 60 min
1/2 oz hallertauer 5 min
Wyeast #2178

My question is would I be better off trying two different yeasts ( 1 lager, 1 ale), or trying two different base malts, maybe # 2 with golden promise? I’m trying to come up with a good comparison but don’t know which will make the most difference, yeast or malt. I do want the hops to be laid back, hence the light noble hopping.

If it’s possible to get any maple flavor from a sap brew, this recipe might be the ticket. I’m pretty skeptical that you can get maple flavor just from sap- I’ve tried it. I’ve heard from fellow brewers that you may get there if you evaporate you sap down 50% by volume before using it. Haven’t tried that.

I have boiled it down, started with about 20 gals and am down to about 9. The gravity reads 1.019, which is probably the number to go by since I imagine the boil down percentage would vary.

If I ever do a maple beer I’ll use some pure maple syrup as part of the priming solution. I’m pretty sure some maple flavor would carry over doing that.

dogfish head use maple syrup for priming sugar in the 75min ipa. never had one so i dont know how much flavor it gives.