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Maple Cinnamon Brown Ale

I’m going to be brewing a maple cinnamon brown ale this weekend. I have an ounce of cinnamon stcks, I was thinking of putting half in the boil, and the other half in primary.

I got hold of 32 oz of pure maple, and have been looking around online for recipes, but not getting too much out of it.

How would you add the maple? I was thinking of adding half at flameout, and the other half in secondary (or maybe primary after fermentation has slowed down).

Any suggestions?


Put all the maple in secondary. Even with that, you won’t get much maple character.

Best way to get maple flavor is to use it for priming sugar.

That would explain why last year whern I made a maple brown and put 16 oz in at flameout, I couldn’t taste it.

Thanks, Denny.

Primer sugar(maple). I hadn’t considered that. That might be an idea. Thanks!

Scored a full qt. of maple syrup? Good for you. At current prices it’ll be worth more than the rest of your recipe!
I used maple syrup as a primer once. Don’t remember how much, but I’m pretty sure I used the priming calculator at Northern Brewer. Didn’t get much maple flavor, but it was in a Ginger Wheat and the ginger kind of overwhelmed everything. It carbonated real well though.
If you are planning on using the whole qt., then I’d hold out the amount needed for carbonation, then add the rest about a week before bottling. It’ll ferment out, but you might retain some flavor adding it late.
Or you could prime with maple syrup, and save the rest for pancakes!

As others have said, its hard to get much flavor from the maple. Use as much as you can as late as you can - meaning use it for priming and use the rest in the secondary. Remember that the syrup will increase tha ABV and dry the beer out.

You might have the opposite problem with the cinnamon - it can be overpowering. An ounce sounds like a lot to me.

Keep in mind that it seems like by the time you use enough maple to taste it, it gives a weird kinda woody flavor to the beer.

I’ve decided I’m going to add 1/2 at flameout and the other half 5 days into primary fermentation.

Same with the cinnamon sticks

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